Art Forms

Kerala is the land of art forms and ancient culture. Art forms are revered as a prestigious heritage, which are performed on holistic occasions and also as part of social events. To keep this culture and heritage alive, Ayursoma has taken the initiative to present few art forms at the property on a daily basis. The aim is to support the ancient art forms, create opportunities for the artists and showcase aspects of Kerala to our guests through evening entertainment. Among the several arts performed every evening, you will see the display of Indian musical Instruments and Classical Indian Dances. Enjoy the rhythms of chenda, edakka, kuzhal, killari and many other musical instruments from Kerala, which create a festive ambience.

Kathakali is one such auspicious and popular performance which dates back to 17th century. Folk tales and episodes from mythologies are presented in a dance play. It is delightful to see the artists with elaborate makeup and costumes. It is a grand showcase of choreography that includes hand movements and facial gestures. Also, Kalaripayattu - the ancient martial art of India, is also presented in Ayursoma on occasions. Its enchanting style and moves are mind blowing. The art form has been preserved and practiced over the years. It is professionally learnt and practiced by men, women and children. This art form incorporates the teachings of Ayurveda and Yoga and is an integral part of Kerala’s ancient history

There are dedicated platforms in Ayursoma, where these art forms are performed and you can also interact with the artists and enjoy the grandeur of Indian Classical Art. An evening filled with delightful music and colourful performances are to cherish your experiences. Ayursoma is not just a place for treatment; it is the right getaway to explore yourself and the beauty of ‘God’s Own Country’ – Kerala.



Kerala is a land of arts and festivals. It has everything to entertain the people all over the world. In the arena of arts and festivals Kathakali is the best exposure of visual treat. It has mudras (palm and hand mode of expressions) Kathakali is an art with mudras. Those who know the meaning of mudras can enjoy kathakali. It has enriched with the character s and which are taken from puranas and myths of Hindu culture. In olden days Kathkali is an art exhibited only in the places. The local kings of Kerala encouraged Kathakali and they have been good art lovers and enjoyed Kathakali in every aspect.

Minimun three days are the period to play Kathakali and now it seems shorted to maximum 5 hours. Kathkali would entertain you and everybody. This art form gradually changed its plays in to temple venues. There was a visionary who lived in Kerala decades ago and his name is shri. M.K.K Nair. Who has contributed so much to promote Kathakali in Kerala. There is an academy to teach Kathkali known as “kalamandalam”, and which is located at Cheruthuruthy near the Bharatha river (as Bharathapuzha to Malayalees). The great poet of Kerala, shri Vallathole Narayana Menon and shri M.K.K Nair are the initiators to start Kalamandalam. Kerala has some top masters (acharyas) who were involved in the faculty at Kalamandalam. The world famous Kathkali scholar was shri Pattikkamthody from Kalamandalam and he was a world famous Kathakali master



Kerala, has an enriched tradition of arts and cultural forms. The heritage of Kerala has been rooted with the art and culture and these ancient facets are the back born of Kerala. It can be difficult to imagine Kerala without art and cultural forms. As a dance form, Mohiniyattam is attractive and it has tradition over hundreds of years. It has everything to entertain the audience. Mohiniyattam gives you a visual treat. 16th century is the originated period of Mohiniyattam. Basically, the art form Mohiniyattam reveals something colorful and it has everything that you would prefer from an art form. It plays in a solo mode of dance

Mohiniyattam is a graceful art form and it can be defined as a classic dance vision of Kerala. In the arena of Indian classical dance division, Mohiniyattam takes an important role. It’s one of the eight Indian classical dances. The Sangeet Natak Academy prefers Mohiniyattam as a very meaningful art form. This art form gets worldwide approval and hundreds of foreign women are coming every year to practice Mohiniyattam. The Kerala Kalamandalam particularly takes interest to promote Mohiniyattam. The temple and school festivals of Kerala enlarges lot of presenting opportunities to Mohiniyattam. As a solo recital by women, Mohiniyattam is very special in every aspect.


Chakyar Koothu

Chakkiar Koothu is a satire form of art and it has everything to entertain everyone. It creates lot of laughter and the subject of Chakkiar Koothu reveals some contemporary events. The Chakkiar is a joker and he makes the gestures and telling jokes to entertain the audience. It’s an art form with much specialty. Chakkiar Koothu, the art form ensures lot of enjoyments and it can be view without laughter is impossible. Chakkiar Koothu has a tradition over hundreds of years. Still, this unparalleled art form gets much attention from temple venues. The Kathakali and Chakkiar Kooths, the art form of Kerala entertains hundreds of foreign visitors every year.

They visits the temples venues of Kerala to enjoy these art forms. It has everything that you would prefer from an art form especially with lot of humor and dramatic expressions. The Chakkiar Koothu and Kathakali are very colorful entertaining art forms of Kerala and which have to preserve for the coming generations. Day by day, these art forms are diminishing and the new generation should have approach with interest and thrust to study and play these arts. The Chakkiar Koothu , the art form goes through current socio-political affairs and it’s a complete art form to entertain everybody


Nangiar Koothu

Nangyar Koothu is a traditional art form of Kerala, it has an ancestry over 1500 years. Nangyar Koothu is a female dominated art form and it has everything to entertain the audience. It’s an allied display art very close to Koodiyaattom and a diversified facet of Sanskrit drama. Nangyar Koothu has certain display restrictions and it has a history where Ambalavasi Nambiar women only could have perform Nangyar Koothu. The women from other castes or religion would not permitted to perform Nangyar Koothu. It’s very interesting performance of women. The Nangyar Koothu presenter is known as Nangyaramma.

Though it’s a solo performance, Nangyar Koothu entertains everybody. It’s enriched with satire and humor gives laughter opportunities a lot. This unique art form has to preserve and the new generation women must practice and go through the inroads of Nangyar Koothu. It’s very enjoyable and it has to play not only in temple venues, but to every events. Sree Krishna Charitham is the theme normally plays as Nangyar Koothu in every temple venues. Hand gestures, facial expressions etc. are using to perform Nangyar Koothu. The resonant pot drum known as “Mizhavu”would be always accompanies Nangyar Koothu performing stages. It’s very special women dominated art form of Kerala



Kerala is a land of cultural and art diversities. There are hundreds of art forms and rituals in Kerala. The Kerala temples are a good venue for many art form expressions. The temple festival season of Kerala enlarges many opportunities for presenting art and cultural forms. North Kerala is promoting certain best rituals and art forms of ancient tradition. Theyyam is one of the very popular ritual and art form of north Kerala. Theyyam rituals are very colorful. It has everything to attract everyone. North Malbar in Kerala would have so many Theyyam rituals and there are different type of Theyyams

The ritual art form Theyyam has very ancient tradition, believed to be an ancestry over 1500 years. North Malabar of Kerala is the main place of Theyyam where so many colorful festivals held every year. The Theyyams of North Malabar gets worshipped. The Theyyams are the visual art form of Gods. The names of Theyyam are very interesting and it’s like Pottan Theyyam, Kandanarkelan Theyamm etc. North Malabarof Kerala is very famous all over the world especially with the Theyyam rituals. Pottan Theyyam is the presentation of Sree Thiruvarkkat Bhagavathy temple of Kannur. It’s difficult to imagine about North Malabar of Kerala, without Theyyams and other colorful temple rituals.



Kerala, Thrissu pooram, Panchavadhyam etc. are linked with the fame all over the world. Without Panchavadhyam and Thrissur Pooram, there is no soul to Kerala. Panchavadhyam is a very typical and interesting orchestra of Kerala. There are five instruments are using to present Panchavadhyam. It’s an orchestra , perhaps thousands of fans watching live and enjoys. It has everything to entertain everyone. The Kerala temples are the venues get majority to Panchavadhyam. The Kerala temple festivals are presenting colorful celebrations with Pachavadhyam. This temple art form is well known all over the world.

The Panchavadhyam presentation gives you very auspicious moments. It would really lead you the evoking world of joy and rejoice. Thimila,Maddalam,Ilathalm,Edakka and Kombu are the five instruments involved with Panchavadhyam. The world famous Thrissur Pooram is the most known venue of Panchavadhyam. Only alone Panchavadhyam gets tremendous appreciation from every corner, while temple festivals held in Kerala. Pallavur Appu Marar was the master of Panchavadhyam well known all over the world. But , he is no more. Now, there is Peruvanam Kuttan Marar, the pioneer who presents hundreds of Panchvadhyam programs all over Kerala. Some saying that, Panchavadhyam is a feudal art. Whatever be, the Kerala orchestral art form Panchavadhyam is very unique in every aspect



Ottamthullal is a unique art form of Kerala. It’s a satirical form of art and one man show. The presenter of Ottamthuall gives many opportunities for laughter and it’s an art with mocking with cotemporary relevant subjects. Ottamthullal has everything that you would prefer from a visual art form. It’s lead you to thinks. The humor poet Kunjan Nambiar is the inventor of Ottamthullal. This art form is very ancient and it has a history which starts from the year 1700. The classical principles of Natya shastra wisely used with Ottamthullal. It’s very entertaining and would be present with body movements, hand gestures and with leg jumping.

This unique art form of Kerala has to preserve, because Ottamthullal is an art, day by day diminishing. Ottamthullal , the art form is presenting with green make up and with colorful dress. The theme of Ottamthullal is moking paradies. Hundreds of years back, the kings and feudal were criticized through Ottamthulal. It’s a very effective art form with a lot of fun. Now, in Kerala temples, this unique art seems not much presenting. Ottamthullal is an art deserves attention and the new generation have to show much interest to study and practice. Malayalam is presenting language of ottamthullal

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