“ The Self-Care Mantras For Better Lifestyle ”

Ayurvedic Remedies

Ayurveda encourages the use of natural and easily available products for cure and better health. There are many home remedies which have been passed down over generations. Right from common cold to aches and pains, there are the first few steps that can be done on your own. Spices play a significant role in these homemade medicines as they have strong healing properties. There are several remedies that can be used on regular basis as a precaution and also for skin care. Listed below are few remedies that can be used for better health. Ayurveda also encourages right eating habit, as a good diet is the first medicine and precaution to several ailments

  • Eating fresh Amla or Indian Gooseberry every day can reduce hair fall and early greying.
  • Cinnamon water helps in curing indigestion and the aroma has a soothing effect on mind. Chewing cinnamon helps in controlling throat issues
  • Cardamom when chewed frequently prevents bad breath. A mixture of honey, cardamom, clove and turmeric cures cough and common cold.
  • Application of turmeric paste can cure acne, and a mixture of milk and turmeric serves as a good face mask to prevent impurities
  • Powdered asafoetida mixed with warm water is a great remedy for abdominal pain.
  • Powdered carom seeds diluted in warm water are a great remedy for flatulence.



Ayurveda identifies Asthma or tamakaswasa as one of the five varieties of respiratory diseases, but is one that can be controlled through therapies and special routines. Asthma is a disease that occurs due to Vatha and Kapha doshas, beginning in the stomach and progressing to the respiratory organs.



The human body has several ways of eliminating toxins. In a healthy body, if an allergen such as pollen enters the system it is captured by the mucosal lining of the respiratory tract and evicted from the body through the nose or mouth. However, if the mucosal barrier is unable to eliminate the allergen, the body



Rheumatoid Arthritis is a progressive autoimmune disease which affects tissues around joints and certain internal organs such as membranes around the heart, also known as pericardium, membranes of the lung known as pleura, or can even result in nodule-like structures in subcutaneous tissues.



Spondylosis is an age-related condition that affects the vertebral column. The pain is caused as a result of compression of the spinal cord or nerve roots. Spondylosis mainly affects high mobility regions of the vertebral column, such as the lumbar region (lumbar spondylosis) or the cervical area (cervical spondylosis).


Back Pain

Back pain is a very common problem that affects both males and females. It is a pain that is felt in the muscles, nerves, bones or joints of the lower back region. Back pain can be sudden onset or chronic. In some cases, the pain originating in the lower back radiates to other parts.


Bell’s palsy

It is a condition that causes a sudden, temporary weakness of facial muscles. The condition makes it difficult to control the facial features of one side of the face. It is caused due to the inflammation or swelling of facial muscles. However, the symptoms are usually.



When body weight increases to levels where it significantly affects health, Ayurveda calls it Medoroga’ or ‘Sthaulya’. When body weight increases to levels where it significantly affects health, Ayurveda calls it Medoroga’ or ‘Sthaulya’. It can affect the circulatory system.


Hair Loss

Hair is considered a by-product (waste product) of certain kinds of tissues, according to Ayurveda. This tissue known as asthi is found in bones, nails and hair. Any disruption in the natural metabolism of asthi can lead to hair fall. Out of the three doshas.

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