“ Blending Luxury and History with Ayursoma ”
Chairman & Managing Director Of Somatheeram Ayurveda Group

" Somatheeram - “The World's First Ayurveda Resort” founded by Mr. Baby Mathew in 1985 with a new idea “Ayurveda Hospital in a Resort Ambience”. Today it is having five deluxe Ayurveda Resorts in Kerala and enchanting Houseboats in the backwaters of Kerala "

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Architecture Of AYURSOMA

Kerala is known for its natural and cultural heritage, and in doing so, Ayur Soma has been built in a style that preserves the unique traditions of God’s Own Country. Our age old aesthetic beauty and traditional craftsmanship can be seen in every part of this property, which is built in traditional Kerala architecture, mostly found in temples and palaces of this region. It is interesting to see how places of utmost importance, were built with local resources and in perfect harmony with nature, something that Ayur Soma strongly depicts.

The architectural style of Kerala has been influenced by climate and coming in of western traders, a part of which, is the clock tower right at the centre of this palace-like building. What interests a visitor, is the secret meditation room built within this tower. It serves as the perfect getaway for meditating with a panoramic view of the below lying beach.

The climate too, played a crucial role in Kerala style architecture, such as the long and steep roofs, made of tiles or thatched palm leaves, to withstand the heavy monsoons. The roofs of the building are styled the same way, along with a majority of wooden craftsmanship throughout the property. Most of the wood used in building Ayur Soma, has been sourced from ancient houses that got renovated. Thus, we take pride in preserving the old quality and ethnicity of Kerala style architecture, and restyling it to create a luxurious stay during your treatment.

The highlight of Ayur Soma is the rooms, which have been designed especially for comfort and royal feel, with spacious rooms, carved wooden ceilings, carved doors, windows and wooden balcony railings. An attraction here is the meditation hall, which has one of its walls made of latticed wood, a remarkable part of palace design, and this forms a grand segment of the property, giving it a perfect royal palace resemblance. These wooden gabbled windows were an iconic part of palaces and temples in Kerala.

A Re-created Royal Ethnicity

A peculiar element of this architecture is the many wooden columns that come with intricate design on them. Most of these are carved from single barks, exactly the way the ancient palaces had them, and these were placed to support the roof frames. In building such a grand property, in the most ethnic style, the Science of Carpentry or Thachu- Shastra, plays a vital role, which emphasizes on life in every component, including the timber we use and focuses on their placement. The temple style architecture is further emphasized by the additional triangular structures on the roofs, which have elaborate art etched on them. Other than wood, a large amount of laterite stone has been used, just as in the ancient constructions.

Great care is taken in developing structures from timbre and stones, in such a way that they imbibe a life of their own, which creates the perfect ambience for an Ayurvedic treatment. Right from then building structure to rooms, and even to the walkways, special care has been taken in curating an ambience that initiates peace of mind and well- being of body, by being closely connected to nature and natural elements.

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