“ Ayurveda: The Science of Life ”

Ayursoma is a retreat dedicated to the ‘Science of Life’ – Ayurveda and its treatments. It is part of the prestigious Somatheeram Group, which has been a pioneer to Ayurvedic Hospitals in a Resort Ambience. This hospital has been certified under ‘National Accreditation Board of Hospitals and Healthcare Providers Quality Control’ of Government of India. It has also received certificate of excellence from the ‘European Audit Institute Wellness and Spa’. Importance has been given to hygiene and individual care which enables you to explore the beauty of Ayurveda and return as a renewed person. Ayurvedic treatment at Ayursoma is not just restricted to herbal treatments; it is an overall transformation of body, mind and soul, through meditation, yoga, Ayurvedic cuisine. The ambience of Ayursoma is set to transfer you to the ancient royal world of Maharajas, with wooden palace like architecture. It is complimented by the perfect beachside location, which is all you need for a relaxed getaway

Ayurvedic treatment at Ayursoma is enhanced by the opportunities to learn about your own body, with special care and attention. The group of dedicated Doctors are assigned for consultation and monitoring your course of treatment. They also guide you in your diet and exercise routine, based on individual body types. The medicines used are mostly produced at Ayursoma, and few resourced from forests. There are more than 2000 varieties of herbal plants that can be seen in the property itself. The art of Ayurveda has been carefully presented to world at Ayursoma, in the most professional and ethnic way. In additional to the preservation of ancient science and recreation of history at the property, Ayursoma has been successful in blending luxury to the treatment. With amenities like herbal flower bath, steam bath and beauty clinic it has created an opportunity to enjoy and relax during your treatment. Ayurvedic treatments at Ayursoma ensure curing of ailments and nourishment to the soul. It is an experience of a lifetime that is about to uplift your lifestyle.


For the body, mind and soul

The ancient practise of Ayurveda goes beyond only treating diseases. It is a way of life that has been refined through the lived experiences of sages from thousands of years ago. What the Ayurvedic way of life offers is a chance to cleanse the mind, body, and soul in order to achieve your full potential.


One with the universe

Ayurveda considers everything in the universe, including human beings, to be made of five elements—Air, Water, Fire, Earth and Ether. Together these elements are known as the Pancha-mahabhutas. Each of these elements is associated with different bodily functions and personality traits. In the organic body these five elements are found as the three doshas (tridosha)—vatha, pitta and kapha. Each of the doshas is a different combination of the five elements. An imbalance of the three doshas would result in both physical and mental ailments.


Fine tuning the body

Ayurveda does not treat the disease but restores the harmony of the body so that the body itself can fight it. The treatments, diets and routines prescribed in Ayurveda are to balance the tridosha. Each individual would have a unique combination of these doshas, meaning such there is no medicine or procedure suited to everyone. What might be harmful to one type of body constitution might be beneficial or even essential to another.

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